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Dylan’s Story

Eleven years ago this week, Dylan was born.  The birth of our first child rocked our world in all the ways you would expect.  One week my primary focus was to close loans in the San Diego mortgage company where … Continue reading

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Doing more of the Stuff that lets me BE.

My soul was itchy. When I think about what started my Year of Radical Wellness, that’s the best way I can describe it.  There was nothing “wrong” per se.  But just because nothing is wrong doesn’t mean there isn’t a … Continue reading

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Stepping into my Mom-ness

For those of you who have followed my blogging journey, you know that I started writing blog entries in 2008 (tucked away safely in a file on my computer, for nobody else to see!), a full 6 years before I … Continue reading

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Mid-life Redirection

I’ve been pretty quiet over here.  The last couple of months have been a time of deep internal reflection for me.  Winter 2015 has certainly aligned with my need for slowing down and shutting up.  It’s supported me as I … Continue reading

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What’s one more sock?

I have a theory.  I’ve been developing it over the last few years.  It’s called “what’s one more sock?”  It first appeared in my life as an absent-minded thought at some point after my first child became mobile, sort of a … Continue reading

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A “choose my own adventure” path to wellness.

I recently made a commitment to myself:  that when the crazy months of September (start of school, Dylan’s birthday, my birthday, Jerry’s Phish retreat, my women’s retreat) and October (Jerry’s week in San Diego sandwiched between 3 weddings, with the … Continue reading

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Ten stops.

I attempted something today that I believe is a first for me as a mother.  I attempted to run errands with my 2 kids, hitting 10 stops along the way.  Ten.  It gives me anxiety just thinking about it! You … Continue reading

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