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A Spring Cleanup of my Life

I’m tired.  That’s not an unusual symptom in America these days, but I find it’s always helpful to acknowledge where I am (as opposed to pretending I’m somewhere else, like on a beach in Tahiti).  For the past few weeks, … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Dream

I’ve spent a lot of time lately reflecting on what it takes to fulfill a dream.  The energy and language of my dreams has changed as I’ve grown and aged.  As a child in Plymouth I focused on what I hoped to find … Continue reading

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What’s one more sock?

I have a theory.  I’ve been developing it over the last few years.  It’s called “what’s one more sock?”  It first appeared in my life as an absent-minded thought at some point after my first child became mobile, sort of a … Continue reading

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A “choose my own adventure” path to wellness.

I recently made a commitment to myself:  that when the crazy months of September (start of school, Dylan’s birthday, my birthday, Jerry’s Phish retreat, my women’s retreat) and October (Jerry’s week in San Diego sandwiched between 3 weddings, with the … Continue reading

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Ten stops.

I attempted something today that I believe is a first for me as a mother.  I attempted to run errands with my 2 kids, hitting 10 stops along the way.  Ten.  It gives me anxiety just thinking about it! You … Continue reading

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