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Mo’ Mondays, Mo’ Problems

Today I celebrate my 41st birthday.  It doesn’t carry all the punch that the BIG 4-0 does, but I’m not sure I could handle all that extra excitement right now anyway.  I’m content to quietly ring in another year with … Continue reading

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When life gets heavy

You may notice a theme in my blog posts lately.  The titles include words like off track, undertow, and heavy.  As in, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses over here.  I can’t even blame the horrid winter we had … Continue reading

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Doing more of the Stuff that lets me BE.

My soul was itchy. When I think about what started my Year of Radical Wellness, that’s the best way I can describe it.  There was nothing “wrong” per se.  But just because nothing is wrong doesn’t mean there isn’t a … Continue reading

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At Peace.

I’ve felt a bit strange for the last 24-36 hours and have tried to pinpoint the sensation (we Americans love our diagnoses).  It kind of felt like something was wrong or, more appropriately, like something was missing.  After repeatedly poking and … Continue reading

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Mid-life Redirection

I’ve been pretty quiet over here.  The last couple of months have been a time of deep internal reflection for me.  Winter 2015 has certainly aligned with my need for slowing down and shutting up.  It’s supported me as I … Continue reading

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Holiday Hangover Conversation

Every year around this time I have a sense of reliving an old story, like that movie Groundhog Day.  The holidays are over and the mad dash to start the new year off “right” has begun.  Have you taken down … Continue reading

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Ten stops.

I attempted something today that I believe is a first for me as a mother.  I attempted to run errands with my 2 kids, hitting 10 stops along the way.  Ten.  It gives me anxiety just thinking about it! You … Continue reading

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