Time: aching. precious.
Why this deep sadness?
There, at the edges.

Some days it creeps in.

‘So much to do, so little time.’
‘No time like the present.’
‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead.’

This body craves rest.

With rest comes darkness.
To sadness, a loyal companion.
Both lying in wait–patient, watchful.

Today they claim center stage.

One must summon courage
To dance in the shadows.

On days I linger there —
I am amongst friends.

Some photos from our Thanksgiving Day 2018 visit to the Grand Canyon. Our view went from cloudy and gray to sunny and clear over the course of a few hours. Not unlike my view of life these days. 🌧🌦⛅️🌤☀️


About Natural Mama Notes

4.4.2020 I started this blog in September 2014. It was a 38th birthday gift to myself, a fulfillment of a long-held wish to share my perspective on the world. After a breast cancer diagnosis in June 2017, I used my blog to share details of the alternate reality I was experiencing. In September 2017 I used this space to share the trauma and healing of my son, who was diagnosed with PANDAS in May of that year. PANDAS is when a strep infection triggers neuropsychiatric disorders. I completed cancer treatment in December 2018, and haven’t written much since. I felt the need to withdraw as part of my healing process. I deactivated my Facebook account, barely viewed other social media. I’m still hesitant about stepping back out there, but I’m feeling the pull. We’re in a global crisis, and the news is dire. If I can add some levity or a more positive perspective with my writing, that is my hope right now. May you find the gems amongst the rubble.
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