Time: aching. precious.
Why this deep sadness?
There, at the edges.

Some days it creeps in.

‘So much to do, so little time.’
‘No time like the present.’
‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead.’

This body craves rest.

With rest comes darkness.
To sadness, a loyal companion.
Both lying in wait–patient, watchful.

Today they claim center stage.

One must summon courage
To dance in the shadows.

On days I linger there —
I am amongst friends.

Some photos from our Thanksgiving Day 2018 visit to the Grand Canyon. Our view went from cloudy and gray to sunny and clear over the course of a few hours. Not unlike my view of life these days. 🌧🌦⛅️🌤☀️

About Natural Mama Notes

I hold many passions; most revolve around health and wellness in all of their facets. I became certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach in 2016. I’m currently doing my “residency” in health coaching as I use all my skills to heal from a stage II breast cancer diagnosis (6/13/17). As if that weren’t enough excitement for the year, I’m also supporting my 11 year old son as he heals from PANDAS, an autoimmune illness caused by strep that causes neuropsychiatric disorders. I’m not currently coaching people outside of my immediate family, but I’m sure I’ll create a fabulous health coaching business when our healing journey is complete. In April 2018 I will celebrate 20 years with Jerry, the love of my life. We keep our relationship young by seeing live music on the regular. I believe energy is the most powerful product we each put out into the world. And I believe music and dancing can heal the soul.
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